vLab FAQ


Frequently asked questions about vLab.


Can I request software be added to vLab?

EITS will periodically update vLab with new software for use, however, some software will be limited due to licensing, cost, and to ensure stability and speed of the service. Submit the vLab Software Request or contact the EITS Help Desk (helpdesk@uga.edu or 706-542-3106) to request a specific piece of software.

How long is my session active after I disconnect from vLab without logging out?

If you disconnect from vLab rather than log out, your session will remain available for 5 minutes. During this time period, you may reopen your session from any compatible device to continue working.  If there is no further interaction during that 5 minutes, you will be logged out of vLab.

How can I return to my vLab session?

By disconnecting from a session, you can return to it from any other device with a web browser or Microsoft Remote Desktop Client within 5 minutes of disconnecting. If you close a web browser tab where you were logged into vLab or close the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client window where you are logged into vLab, you may reconnect to your disconnected session within 5 minutes of disconnecting by returning to https://vlab.uga.edu in a web browser or in Microsoft Remote Desktop Client by double clicking on the vLab icon.  

How long can I leave my session idle before being logged out?

If a user does not interact with a vLab session for 35 minutes, they will automatically be logged out and will not be able to reconnect to that session.

Why can’t I print, access my personal computer’s clipboard, or transfer files to or from vLab?

When you log into vLab for the first time, you will see a window titled Access local resources.

If you unchecked Clipboard, Printer, or File transfer when you previously logged into vLab and selected Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer, your web browser will remember those selections and will not allow to you access those resources. Log out of vLab, clear your cookies and browsing history, then try logging into vLab again.  You should be offered these options again when you log in.



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