Running the Invalid Funding Report


In this article, you will learn the steps to run the invalid funding report for a specified pay run.



The Invalid Funding report is used to help identify positions that have inadequate funding so that they can be examined and corrected.

Departments will be responsible for clearing invalid funding prior to the beginning of payroll processing. System managers will see all HR departments for which they have access. This report will help to monitor any potential errors before they process.

In this article, you will learn the steps to run the invalid funding report for a specified pay run.

This report should be run daily and any errors addressed immediately.

1. Step 1

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First, log into OneUSG Connect

You can access the Invalid Funding Report in the System Manager Reporting Page, or you can navigate using the following:

Click the NavBar button.

2. Step 2

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Click the Menu button.

3. Step 3

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Click the oneusg menu.

4. Step 4

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Click the Commitment Accounting menu.

5. Step 5

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Click the Invalid Funding Report menu.

6. Step 6

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Click the Add a New Value tab to establish the parameters for a new report.

7. Step 7

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On the Add a New Value tab, you need to enter a Run Control ID.

Note: A run control ID, in combination with a User ID, is a unique identifier for running reports. The first time you run a version of a report, you will need to set up a run control ID. The report then runs using the established parameters, without user intervention.

If you need to run different reports (for example, one for monthly, one for bi-weekly), different Run Control IDs will need to be created for each version of the report you want to receive.

Enter appropriate information into the  Run Control ID  field. 

Example shown here: Invalidfunding " in the Run Control ID field.

8. Step 8

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Click the Add button.

9. Step 9

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The Report Parameters are displayed.

Each payroll run is associated to a Pay Run ID. You will need that ID to view the specific funding that was invalid. You can also use the look up features.

Click the magnifying glass next to the Look up Pay Run ID field.

10. Step 10

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You can search by Pay Run ID or by description which is the type of payroll followed by the date of the pay run.

1 BW = the first biweekly payroll of the month

2BW = the second biweekly payroll of the month

Monthly pay runs have the date first.

Select the appropriate payroll run for review.

Example shown here: 01B2 link.

11. Step 11

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Use the search features or enter the Company ID.

Click the magnifying glass next to the Look up Company field.

12. Step 12

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The Company number for the University of Georgia is 180.

13. Step 13

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When the parameters are entered, you are ready to run the report.

Click the Run button.

14. Step 14

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The Process Scheduler Request page is displayed. This report was previously defined to run.

Click the OK button.

15. Step 15

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A Process Instance number is assigned to link your Run Control ID parameters to the report on the server.

16. Step 16

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Go to the Report Manager to monitor and retrieve the report.

17. Step 17

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The Report Manager has four (4) tabs. You must use the Administration tab.

Click the Administration tab.

18. Step 18

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A list of the reports that you have run will be displayed. Identify the report you want to review using the Prcs Instance number.

You can refresh the status of the report  periodically until it reaches a status of Posted.

19. Step 19

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When the report is complete, the Description field will contain a hyperlink to view the report.

20. Step 20

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The Report Detail Page diplays with the selected file link.

Click the link to access the Invalid Funding Spreadsheet report.

21. Step 21

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Follow any prompts that appear to open and review the report.

If Invalid funding for any employee exists, it will be listed on the report in the columns that are displayed here.

Close the report when your review is complete.

Additional Information:

Note: It is recommended that departments run this report daily and clean up any errors that they find within 24 hours. The report can only be run prior to the creation of paysheets. This is from the close of a payroll through the Friday before the payroll run.

A specific suspense combination code will be created for each department that represents a specific chartstring tied to processing in the UGA Financial Management System. Any costs with invalid funding will post to the suspense chartstring and will need to be corrected using the Express Direct Retro distribution process.

Setting Up Your Invalid Funding Report(s)

An Invalid Funding Report will show one pay run.  So, in order to view each pay run (see below), you will need to create a separate report with a separate Run Control ID.  For example, you might set up up one for the 1st September biweekly pay run, the 2nd September biweekly pay run, and the monthly September pay run, each with their own Run Control ID.

Tips for Reading the Invalid Funding Report

The Pay Run ID for each of the bi-weekly pay dates has the following naming convention:

  • 91B1 = 9 (2019) + 1 (January, 1st month) + B (Biweekly) + 1 (1st check for the month)
  • So, 93B3 = 2019 March (3rd month) Biweekly 3 (the 3rd check of March) 

The monthly Pay Run ID naming conventions are as follows:

  • 91M1 = 9 (2019) + 1 (January, 1st month) + M (Monthly) + 1 (1st check of the month - will always be 1)

Note: The months switch to letters after the 9th month: O for October, N for November, D for December. 

  • 9OM1 = 2019 October Monthly 1st Check

A list of pay dates and Pay Run IDs can be found within the UGA Payroll calendars.

The Company for the University of Georgia is 180.

A list of all UGA Pay Groups can be found here: Pay Groups Quick Reference Guide

Position funding can be updated via the OneUSG Connect Manager Self Service change funding page.  Training can be found in the OneSource Training Library under OneUSG Connect (HR/Payroll) Topics > Manager Self Service > MSS for System Managers > Submitting a Change to Funding for an Existing Position.

Changes in funding must be fully approved and processed one business day prior to the HR/Payroll deadline for these to take place for the pay period.  The UGA biweekly and monthly payroll processing calendars can be found at:

Invalid Funding Errors Related to Projects/Grants

When the error relates to the end date on a project/grant, there will be two error messages per position.  The messages are ‘Expenses will be posted to Department Suspense – Fund End Dt’ and ‘Expenses will be posted to Department Suspense – Proj Grant end Dt’.  These error messages have essentially the same meaning – the project/grant funding has ended or will end during the pay period.  The position will not be funded past the end date on the project/grant. 

A listing of project related combo codes with the funding end date is posted to the Combo Code Resource page on the OneSource web site. In the future, a query will be available for this information.

Setting the Invalid Funding Report to Receive Daily Notifications

You can receive daily Invalid Funding Reports, if you would like. On your next payroll run, set the date, and run your report again. Click "Add a Value," and type in the payroll id on which you are working. Once you click "Run," choose recurrence 1USG_DAILY-9AM (or others if you prefer; please note 5x, means you receive five emails each day), change the type to email and the format to pdf, then click "OK."

You have the option to click "Distribution" before you click "OK" and change the subject of the emails you receive or add additional email addresses for distribution.

To stop receiving the old invalid funding reports requires you to search for your original report, then click "Process Monitor" to the left of the Run button. Click the green arrow on each one you need to stop, then choose stop. You will then repeat the process above for the new payroll run.

Update 8/1: The invalid funding report now provides a Comma Separated Value (CSV) output file that does not require additional formatting when the Combo Code field is blank. This type of file can be easily read by Excel. On a new Run Control ID, change the format from PDF to CSV (on the Process Scheduler screen) when running the report. With this modification, the pay group column is now the 4th column on the report. All other columns are in the same order.

Associated SOPs

SOP_CA_004 Invalid Funding Maintenance

SOP_CA_007 Suspense Correction




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