Submitting a Summer Pay Request in OneUSG Connect


You can submit a summer pay request using OneUSG Connect. For a faculty member, you will indicate the max summer pay they can receive, enter amounts by month, and assign Combo Codes that will fund the summer pay amounts.

In this article, you will learn the steps to submit a Summer Payroll Change Request in OneUSG Connect via Manager Self Service.

1. Step 1

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First, log into OneUSG Connect

From the OneUSG Connect Employee Self Service Homepage, click the NavBar button.

2. Step 2

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From the NavBar: Navigator menu, follow the navigation steps:

Manager Self Service > Compensation and Stock

Click the Submit Summer Pay Request link

3. Step 3

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The Summer Pay page is displayed. To conduct a search for an employee, enter the appropriate information into the Search Criteria fields and click the Search button.

Note: If you do not have the appropriate information for the employee you want to search for, you can access a list of employees by clicking the Search button only.

Example shown here: Search.

4. Step 4

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From the search results, choose the appropriate employee from the displayed list.

Example shown here: Nightengale, David.

5. Step 5

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Employee information is displayed on the left side of the page, including the Employee ID, Position Number, Comp Rate, and Monthly Rate.

At the bottom of the page is the Summer Pay Details section. This is where you enter the Summer Pay request.  

6. Step 6

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The right side of the page shows the employee's Department, Job code, Empl Status, Comp Freq and maximum Summer Pay allowance.

7. Step 7

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To allocate Summer Pay for the selected employee, enter the max dollar amount the employee can be paid over the summer into the Summer Pay field. See the Summer Pay Procedures for more information.

Note: The total amount paid over the course of the summer must be equal to or less than this number. If the amount entered is more, it will result in an error.

Example shown here: " 8000.00 " in the Summer Pay:  field.

8. Step 8

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To search for the Combo Code(s) with which you want to pay employee, click the  Edit ChartFields link.

9. Step 9

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Enter the Combination Code you want to designate for Summer Pay funds.

You can search for a Combo Code by clicking the look up magnifying glass in the Combination Code field.

Example shown here: look up magnifying glass in the Combination Code field.

10. Step 10

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The Lookup Combination Code popup menu is displayed.

From the Search Results, choose the appropriate Combination Code. If necessary, scroll down the list to locate the appropriate combination code.  

11. Step 11

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Example shown here: 18140010021001  link.

12. Step 12

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The Chartfield Common Component page displays the selected Combination Code.

To add the selected Combination Code to your Summer Pay request, click the OK button.

13. Step 13

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If you want to allocate a different combo code to fund a portion of a selected month or different month(s), you will need to add a line for the new combo code.    

Example shown here: [+] button.

14. Step 14

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With a new line added, click the Edit ChartFields and repeat the steps to add the new combination code.  

15. Step 15

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To choose an Earning description for each line, click the Earning dropdown list, then select the Summer Pay option.

16. Step 16

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Enter an appropriate dollar amount in the May field(s).   

Example shown here: In the row for Combination Code 18140010021001, "2000.00" in the May field.

17. Step 17

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If you have more than one Combo Code, enter an appropriate dollar amount in the May field(s).   

Example shown here:  For the Combination Code 18100010001003, "2000.00" in the May field.

18. Step 18

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Continue entering the appropriate dollar amounts in the remaining Summer Pay months, June and July.

19. Step 19

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To save your Summer Pay change request, click the Submit button.

20. Step 20

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A warning message is displayed. This message appears if the amount you are dispersing is less than the eligible Summer Pay amount.

To submit your Summer Pay request, click the OK button.

21. Step 21

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The Submit Confirmation page is displayed with a message noting the submission was successful.

To view the Approval status of the submitted Payment Request, click the OK button.

22. Step 22

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The Summer Pay Approval Status is displayed.

Additional Information:

An Express Direct Retro request will be the method to redistribute summer school payroll expenditures after they have posted to the general ledger. In addition, the summer payroll request does not allow the user to redirect fringe benefits to a different combo code. If the employer-paid portion of fringe benefits should be charged to a combo code that is different from summer school earning, an Express Direct Retro will need to be processed to move the benefit expenditures to the appropriate combo code. Please see the tutorial "Submitting an Express Direct Retro Request" for how to complete this type of transaction.

For more information and exceptions, please review the Summer Pay page.

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