Requesting an Ad Hoc Salary Change


OneUSG Connect allows you to submit a request to change an employee's salary. This is not to be used for compensation changes due to reclassification or promotion. The request should be submitted after all inter-departmental approvals have been obtained.

In this article, you will submit an ad hoc salary request for your employee.

1. Step 1

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First, log into OneUSG Connect.                         

From the Manager Self Service page, click the NavBar button.

2. Step 2

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Click the Navigator menu item.

3. Step 3

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Click the Manager Self Service menu item.

4. Step 4

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Click the Compensation and Stock menu item.

5. Step 5

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Click the Request Ad Hoc Salary Change link.

6. Step 6

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Click the arrow to the right of the employee's name for whom you are requesting the ad hoc salary change.

Example shown here: A Gooddog

7. Step 7

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Enter or select the desired effective date.

Click the Calendar icon.

8. Step 8

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Select the appropriate date.  

Example shown here: May 1 link.

9. Step 9

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Select the reason for the ad hoc salary request.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the Reason field.

10. Step 10

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Select the appropriate reason from the drop-down list.

Example shown here: Market Adjustment.

11. Step 11

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Enter the change percent or the change amount.

Example shown here: Change Percent field enter " 3.0 ".

12. Step 12

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Press [Enter],  [Tab], or click on the page to move to the next field and to calculate the amounts in the New Information Section.

13. Step 13

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The new Monthly Salary and Annual rate are displayed in the New Information section. Gold dots next to the label indicate the fields that have been re-calculated.

14. Step 14

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Click the Next button.

15. Step 15

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Click the Submit button.

16. Step 16

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The Request Adhoc Salary Change section displays Pending status.   

17. Step 17

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Note: The Pending section displays the approval levels that the ad hoc salary change request may go through in the approvals workflow process.

Not all levels of approvals displayed in this section are required. Departments will determine the required approval levels. If an Ad Hoc Approver is required, see the article "Adding an Ad Hoc Approver". This article provides instructions on how to view approvers assigned to this workflow and add approvers and or reviewers to this transaction.  

Example shown here: An Ad Hoc Approver was added to the work flow process, but hasn't been routed through the workflow process yet. 

Additional Information:

When submitting an Ad Hoc Salary Change request, the initiator should follow current procedures and use the appropriate forms already in existence. Use the attachment functionality on the page to attach the forms that correspond to the request.

The transaction will be routed through the OneUSG Connect workflow process for the appropriate approval.

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