Removing a Supplement


The process for removing a supplement is the same as the process to submit a supplemental pay request - via an MSS request. You will need to enter the end date for the supplement and detailed information in the Comments.

In this article, you will learn how to remove or end an employee's supplemental pay.

In this example, you will use an MSS request to end a department head's administrative supplement. This process is similar to the supplemental pay request process.

1. Step 1

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From the OneUSG Connect homepage, click the NavBar button in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Step 2

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Click the Menu button.

3. Step 3

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Click the Manager Self Service menu option.

4. Step 4

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Click the Compensation and Stock link.

5. Step 5

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Click the Request Supplemental Pay link.

6. Step 6

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The Employee Search page is displayed.

Click to select the employee for whom you need to remove the supplement. You can use the Search Options at the top of the page to narrow down the list of employees if needed.

Example shown here: Clara Heyes.

7. Step 7

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The Request Supplemental Pay page is displayed, with the employee name, job title, and employee ID in the top left corner of the page.

The first step is to enter the Job Detail information. To end a supplement, enter or select the appropriate end date for the supplement.

Click the calendar button to select the end date.

8. Step 8

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Select the date from the calendar.

Example shown here: December 30 link.

9. Step 9

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Next, select the employee's Supplemental Pay Type.

Click the Supplemental Pay Type drop-down menu.

10. Step 10

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Click the appropriate payment type.

Example shown here: Defined Term Payments list item.

11. Step 11

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Click the Supplemental Pay Code drop-down menu.

12. Step 12

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Select the appropriate Supplemental Pay Code.

Click the Academic Admin Assignment option to end this employee's department head supplement.

13. Step 13

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Enter the supplement amount into the Amount field.  

Example shown here: "1500".

14. Step 14

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Enter the Combo Code that funds the supplement into the Combination Code field.

Note: You can also use the look-up magnifying glass to the right of the Combination Code field to use search criteria to locate the correct combo code.  

Example shown here: "1826000DRA1029".

15. Step 15

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Click the Next button.

16. Step 16

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Review your request and ensure any needed comments or attachments are added.

Note: The Effective Date defaults to the date you submitted your request.

17. Step 17

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A critical aspect of a request to remove a supplement is the information you enter in the Comments field. Use this field to clarify the request, including what you want to do and when it should take effect.  

18. Step 18

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Depending on the supplement type, you may need to add attachments to support your request, such as the original supplement request form and/or a supplement agreement.

To add the attachments, click the Add Attachment button and follow the steps to locate and add the attachments.

19. Step 19

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When you are ready to submit, click the Submit button in the top right corner of the screen.

20. Step 20

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A green box appears at the top of the screen indicating that your request has been successfully submitted.

You can also view the workflow for the request on this page.  

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