Updating Your G-4 Withholding Information


Employees can update their G-4 tax withholding information using the OneUSG Connect Employee Self Service page. You can view or print the G-4 tax form below to assist you when you update your tax information.

G-4 Georgia State Tax Form

Associated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOP_PAY_005 Update and Maintain EE Level Tax Data

In this article, you will learn the steps to change your G-4 Tax withholding from 2 to 4 exemptions. 

1. Step 1

step image

First, log into OneUSG Connect.                         

From the Employee Self Service Hompage, click the Payroll tile.

2. Step 2

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Click the Taxes tile.

3. Step 3

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The Tax page is displayed.

Click the  G4 Employee Self Service  menu item.

4. Step 4

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The G-4 Tax Information page is displayed. This page is used to view and make any updates to your withholding information.

Note: Unless you are a Georgia resident working in another state, ensure GA is entered as the work location.

5. Step 5

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The G-4 Tax data section is used to make changes to marital status and display current withholding allowances.

6. Step 6

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The Additional Allowances field is used to update additional allowances. Enter appropriate information into the  Additional Allowances  field.

Example shown here:  " 2 ".

7. Step 7

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When you tab out of the Additional  Allowances field, the number of Total Allowances is updated.  

8. Step 8

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Click the Submit button.

9. Step 9

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The Submit Confirmation page is displayed. The Submit was successful checkbox is updated

Click the OK button to close the message.

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