Reporting Time Using Pay From Schedule via Fluid Tile


Employees can report time using pay from schedule. Pay from Schedule employees can select the Apply Schedule button to populate their timesheet with their pre-determined schedule.

Note: The Apply Schedule option may not be available if there is holiday time or leave time already applied on the timesheet.

In this article, you will learn the steps to report time using Pay From Schedule in One USG Connect.

1. Step 1

step image

From the Employee Self Service Homepage in OneUSG Connect, click the Time and Absence tile.

2. Step 2

step image

The Time page is displayed.

Click the Weekly Timesheet - Fluid tile.

3. Step 3

step image

The Weekly Time Entry page is displayed.

To view available options, click the Options drop-down list.

4. Step 4

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The Options drop-down menu is displayed.

Select the Apply Schedule option.

5. Step 5

step image

The schedule is applied to the timesheet.

Note: The Time Reporting Code option can be left blank, which will default to "Regular."

To review the entered time, click the Review button.

6. Step 6

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The Review Weekly Time page is displayed with the applied schedule time.

Once you review the reported time for accuracy, click the Submit button.

7. Step 7

step image

A confirmation message is displayed saying the time is submitted successfully.


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