Reviewing Your Departmental Budget Balances in the UGA Financial Management System


You can review the budget status of all chartstrings in your unit by running the UGA_KK_DEPT_EXP_REV_BALS query from the Query Viewer in the UGA Financial Management System.

Query results can be downloaded to Excel where the data can be filtered or used in a pivot table.

In this article you will learn how to review the chartstring budgets for your unit using the UGA_KK_DEPT_EXP_REV_BALS query.

1. Step 1

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First, log into the Financial Management System

Click the Query Viewer tile.


2. Step 2

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UGA queries use a specific naming convention. All queries begin with UGA_XX (where xx = the module to which the query pertains. Commitment Control uses KK as the module abbreviation.

Enter " UGA_KK_DEPT " in the search field to search for the report.

3. Step 3

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Click the Search button.

4. Step 4

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The queries that match the criteria are listed.

You can click the HTML option to view the results on your screen and print from the web browser. Alternatively, you can click on Excel to save the information and analyze using pivot tables and other Excel features.


Click the  HTML  link for the UGA_KK_DEPT_EXP_REV_BALS query.

5. Step 5

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A new page opens with the parameters you can use to find your budget information.

The report defaults to the current fiscal year.

6. Step 6

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The report defaults to the final period of the fiscal year to include all transactions entered. You can type or use the search features to select a different period .

Note : July is Period 1 in the fiscal year moving successively to June which is Month 12.

7. Step 7

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The Budget Reference ChartField defaults to the current budget year. You can type in a different year, if needed.

8. Step 8

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The "%" wildcard allows users to run the query with or without ChartField filters.

To view an entire division, enter the first two digits of the department number followed by "%".

To view a specific department, enter the full eight digit department number in the prompt field without the wildcard.

Enter appropriate information into the  Dept  field.

Example shown here: " 17% " in the Dept. field.

9. Step 9

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Click the View Results button.

10. Step 10

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The query reflects budgeted expenditures, encumbrances, actual expenditures and budgeted balances for each defined chartstring.

11. Step 11

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The farthest right columns also show the budgeted revenues, recognized (actual) revenue, and the estimated budget balance (budgeted revenue - recognized revenue) by chartstring.

12. Step 12

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From this page you can download the results to Excel. This will open an Excel file and load the data shown on the screen. You can then use Excel features such as filters and pivot tables to analyze the data.

13. Step 13

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When you have completed the review, close the Query page.

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