Delegating Authority as a Supervisor


Supervisors and Time & Absence Approvers can use the delegation feature in OneUSG Connect for Manager Self Service transactions.

  • Manager Self Service delegation refers to the delegation of a manager's or supervisor's ability to initiate and/or approve transactions, or an employee's absences/time, to a proxy (a person who will be authorized to perform those actions).
  • Delegation can be submitted for individuals either one up, one down, or across that manager's/supervisor's reporting structure.
  • The proxy (the person being delegated to) will need to accept the delegation in order for the delegation to be in effect.
  • The manager/supervisor can set up as many delegations as needed.
  • Once a delegation is made for a certain responsibility, the person who delegates that responsibility loses the ability to take action on it.
  • Delegations expire based on the date entered when setting up the delegation, and delegations can also be revoked.

Click to view the OneUSG Service Now job aid for Delegating Authority as a Supervisor.

In this article, you will learn the steps to delegate authority to an employee to approve specific transactions on your behalf in OneUSG Connect.

1. Step 1

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First log onto

From the Manager Self Service homepage in OneUSG connect, click the Delegations tile.

2. Step 2

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The Delegations page is displayed. From this page, you can create a request, view your delegates, and your delegated authorizations.

To start the delegation process, click the Create Delegation Request tile.

3. Step 3

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The Delegation Request page is displayed. The delegation request is a four part process.

The Start Date field is required, while End Date field can be used or left blank. You can enter dates manually or using the Calendar icon.

4. Step 4

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The Comments field is required.

Enter an appropriate justification for the delegation in the Comments field.

5. Step 5

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Once the appropriate date(s) and explanation are entered, click the Next button.

6. Step 6

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The Delegates page is displayed along with your employees available for delegation.

Select the Checkbox(es) to the left of the appropriate employee name(s).

Example shown here: select the Hairy Dawg option.

7. Step 7

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Click the Next button.

8. Step 8

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The Transactions page is displayed. This page is used to select the task(s) that you want to assign to the delegate or proxy.

Note: Delegation should not be used for MSS initiated transactions. While the system will allow it, you will not be able to see the complete list of employees. If this is needed, it should be done through a MSS security request to provision the access to the delegate.

Optional: You can choose all available transactions by using the Select All button. 

9. Step 9

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Continue selecting the appropriate transaction types, if not selecting all.

Example shown here: click the Checkbox to the left of the Approve Full/Part Time or Hour option Click the appropriate transaction type(s).  

10. Step 10

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Once all appropriate transactions have been selected, click the Next button.

11. Step 11

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The Review and Submit page is displayed along with the selected delegate(s) and transaction(s).

Once the selections have been reviewed, click the Submit button.

12. Step 12

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The delegation request is submitted, and the Created Delegations message is displayed.

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