Logging into UGAmart via UGA Financials


There are two ways to access UGAmart: through the UGAmart webpage or the UGA Financial Management System.

On the Employee Self Service page in the UGA Financial Management System, you will find the UGAmart tile. When selected, this tile will bring you to the CAS login page. Upon entering your UGA credentials, you will be directed to the UGAmart homepage.

In this article, you will learn the steps to log in to UGAmart from the UGA Financial Management System.

1. Step 1

step image

First, log into the UGA Financial Management System

From the Employee Self Service page, click the UGAmart tile.

2. Step 2

step image

The Central Authentication Services login page is displayed.

Enter your UGA MyID and Password.

3. Step 3

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Log-in confirmation is pending. 

4. Step 4

step image

The UGAmart homepage is displayed.


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