Selecting a HomePage


The fluid interface in the UGA Financial Management System uses tiles to access different activities, making it easy to use on a variety of devices.

Different roles may have different home pages in the system. If you have multiple roles assigned to you, you may have multiple home pages from which to work.

If you are assigned to different roles with different homepages, you can move between them easily.

In this article you will change from the Employee Self Service homepage to the UGA Financials homepage to perform work with purchasing.

1. Step 1

step image

First, log into the Financial Management System

The list of Homepages to which you have access is found at the top of the page in the center.

Click the  Employee Self Service  dropdown button to activate the menu.

2. Step 2

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The list is displayed. If you have several, you can scroll through the list to find the one you want. In this example, you will the UGA Financials menu, where the tiles for UGAmart are found.

Click the UGA Financials link.

3. Step 3

step image

The tiles that are included on the homepage will be displayed. You can click on a tile to open additional options. 

4. Step 4

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Depending on your security roles, you may have more or fewer tiles available when you log in. This screenshot is from a login with more options.

Click the Accounts Payable object.

5. Step 5

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The tile opens to a menu on the left-side showing the pages to which you have access.

You can open and close the menus by clicking the menu bar.

6. Step 6

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Click the My Suppliers link.

7. Step 7

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You can click any of the menu options to bring up the search page for that component.

8. Step 8

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Click the Look up Short Supplier Name button.

9. Step 9

step image

Search for the vendor using the search features.

Note: Data has been distorted to protect employee information.

Enter the appropriate information into the Short Supplier Name field .

Example shown here: " office ".

10. Step 10

step image

Click the Look Up button.

11. Step 11

step image

Click the appropriate Short Supplier Name.

Click the OFFICE DEP-001  link.

12. Step 12

step image

Click Search to go to the page where you review information.

13. Step 13

step image

Information for the vendor is displayed.

You can collapse the menu on the left-side to give you a better view. Clicking the same button will expand the menu when you need it for navigation.

Click the Collapse/Expand icon.

14. Step 14

step image

Review the information.

Click the UGA Financials  menu bar to return to the homepage.

15. Step 15

step image

To select another homepage, click the drop-down button in front of UGA Financials to activate the menu.

16. Step 16

step image

Click the Employee Self Service link.

17. Step 17

step image

The selected homepage is displayed.  



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