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02 Restricted VPN Access

For access to sensitive and restricted systems only. Request authorization for an employee in your department/unit to log in to the 02 Restricted VPN group. Do not fill out this form if you only need to log in to the 01 Default VPN Group. For requests for multiple users (five or more), please email the EITS Help Desk.


Anonymous Contact Form

Anonymous report of a parking-related situation for UGA Parking Services


Blackboard Collaborate Request

Blackboard Collaborate Request


Cable TV

Assistance with University Cablevision, UGA's on-campus TV service provider.

Cabling or Wireless Installation Request

Telecommunications Infrastructure Design and Installation

CAES OIT Request

CAES IT Assistance

Campus Transit Feedback

UGA Campus Transit Feedback Form

CAS/SAML (Gluu) Access Request Form

Request authorization to connect a web application to the UGA Central Authentication Service (CAS) or SAML (Gluu) UGA’s federated identity provider.

Client Technology Support

Client Technology Support for Miller Learning and other supported departments.

College of Education - Tech Support

College of Education IT Tech Support

College of Public Health - IT Request

College of Public Health - IT Request

Contact the Center for Teaching Learning

CTL Contact Request

CTL Classroom Ethernet Setup

Requests for EITS NOC

CTL Classroom Support Request

For those in need of non-emergency Audio Visual help

CTL Learning Technologies Consultation

CTL consultations for faculty about learning technologies

CTL WordPress Site Requests

Sites on the CTL sites network must be directly affiliated with a course. Requests for a site must come from the instructor of the course. Please email Sherry Clouser at if you have questions.


Departmental Network Liaisons (DNLs)

For each University School, College and Unit, it is essential that a Departmental Network Liaison (DNL) be identified. This individual serves as the primary point of contact for that unit, both with respect to the other users within the department and the central EITS support groups.

DNS Requests

DNS records requests for DNLs

DNS Requests

DNS records requests for DNLs


EITS Computer Labs Request

Computer Lab requests for the Miller Learning Center and several Residence Halls.

EITS Cost Recovery Services Requests

Client Departments desktop support

eLC Associate Section Instructor Request

eLearning Commons Associate Section Instructor Request Form

eLC Course Groups Request

eLearning Commons Manual Course Groups Request

eLC Course Request

Request creation of a non-ATHENA course (for faculty and staff members of the UGA community)

eLC Demo Student Account Request

eLearning Commons Demo Student Account Request

eLC Feedback

Comments and suggestions for eLearning Commons (eLC).

eLC Support Requests

eLearning Commons requests


Firewall Exception Request

Request Internet, Boyd Data Center (BDC) and Departmental Firewall Exceptions

Firewall Exception Request Renewals and Expirations

To request that an exception ticket be renewed, expired, or updated, you may update the ticket by adding a comment on the web or via email. Click on this entry for more details.


GACRC Support

Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center - Support Request


Help Desk Support Request

Help Desk technical support request form. Please provide information for technical assistance at the University of Georgia.

Housing Ethernet Port Request

Request to activate an Ethernet port in your residence hall room for connecting your wired device(s) to the Internet.


IDM Data Access Request

Requests for access to Identity Management (IDM) data and tools

IDM Support Request

Identity Management (IDM) support request

InCommon SSL Certificate Request

InCommon SSL Certificate Request

Information Security Support Request

UGA Information Security general questions or assistance, including assistance with DLP, SIEM, Trend Micro Console and other requests.


Kaltura Requests

Kaltura Support Request



Assistance with email lists hosted at UGA


Medical Partnership Requests

Medical Partnership desktop support

Medical Partnership Video Conference Support

Medical Partnership video conference support

MyID Account Request

MyID Request for Faculty, Staff, and others

MyID Re-enable Request

This form is for requesting that a deactivated MyID be re-enabled.


Network access, design, and support

Submit a request for installation or request a quote.


Online Directory Request

UGA Directory (People Search) Request


Parking Services Feedback

UGA Parking Services Feedback Form

Policies, Standards, and Guidelines

Ask a question about Information Security policies or request an policy exemption.


Request for CAS/SAML (Gluu) Support

Ask technical assistance with transitioning your site to the UGA Central Authentication Service (CAS) or SAML (Gluu) UGA’s federated identity provider.

Research IFS

Research Institutional File Storage (IFS) Service


Security Testing

Request a vulnerability scan, penetration test, or other security assessment of a system or network.

Service Catalog

This form is a template for the creation of Internal and External Service Catalog entries.

Software (ITCLA) Request

IT Contracts and Licensing Administration provides cost effective management of all fiscal aspects of IT contracts and renewals, software licensing, hardware maintenance, and IT related service


TeamDynamix Support (For Problems with TeamDynamix)

This service is ONLY for requests concerning the TeamDynamix product itself. This includes requests for users, forms, or other TeamDynamix-specific help.

Terry Access Shared Network Drive

Request access to a shared network drive or folder (e.g., N:, S:, T:, V: drive)

Terry Classroom & Meeting Room Support

Request help with a non-urgent classroom or meeting room issue (for urgent support, call Terry OIT at 706-542-6799)

Terry Computer Setup

Please indicate in the description box below the best time for a member of OIT to pick up your computer, as well as what room the computer is located.

Terry Equipment Loan

Request loaner equipment for Terry faculty and staff

Terry Event Support

Request support for Terry events

Terry Exiting Employee

Request removal of permissions and access of Terry services when an employee is leaving the college.

Terry General Support

Request assistance with general computer, peripheral, or other issues

Terry New Employee

Request setup for a new Terry employees (Begin new computer setup, set permissions, add to LISTSERVs, and other Terry functions)

Terry Printer Support

Request help with or setup of a printer in the Terry College of Business

Terry Software Installation

Request installation of software

Terry Surplus Preparation

Request preparation of computer before it goes to Surplus (REQUIRED)

Transit Hazard/Event Report

Report a near miss/close call or potentially hazardous behavior or condition to Campus Transit.


UGA Web Account Request

The EITS Campus Webhosting Service (Standard Edition, often referred to as a "www account") is a free web hosting service for UGA affiliated departments and student organizations.

UGAMail Calendar

UGAMail's built-in calendar allows UGA students, faculty and staff to take full advantage of the new system's increased functionality and accessibility. This form is to request help with the UGAMail calendar.

UGAMail Calendar Resource Request

UGAMail's calendar allows resources like rooms to entered as items that can be reserved. Use this form to request creation of a new calendar resource.

UGAMail Requests

The University of Georgia's email system, UGAMail, is powered by Microsoft's Office 365 Education for email, calendar and task services.

UGAMail uses the latest version of Office 365.

University Housing IT Support

This service is to request assistance from Housing IT staff.

University Housing Website Change Requests

This service is to request changes to Housing and Staff websites.


vLab software request

UGA Virtual Lab software requests


Web Server (

The EITS Campus Webhosting Service (Standard Edition, often referred to as a "www account") is a free web hosting service for UGA affiliated departments and student organizations.


z-account Removal Request

Departmental z-accounts are used to gain administrative access to certain UGA systems and are intended only for system administrators. If you no longer need z-account access for your job duties, please complete this form.