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02 Restricted VPN Access

For access to sensitive and restricted systems only. Request authorization for an employee in your department/unit to log in to the 02 Restricted VPN group. Do not fill out this form if you only need to log in to the 01 Default VPN Group. For requests for multiple users (five or more), please email the EITS Help Desk.


(HIDDEN) OneSource TD Admin test service


Account Creation

For a research group's PI to request user accounts for group members on the GACRC computing systems.

Active Directory

Account Creation or Password Reset

Add TA/Instructor to Course in eLC

Request to assign individual users specific roles in eLC.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Service Includes Software Installation


Advice and consultation on third party software, online tools and other web-related questions.

Alternate Approver Request

Assigning an Alternate Approver in the UGA Financial Management System

Anonymous Contact Form

Anonymous report of a parking-related situation for UGA Parking Services

AR/Billing/Customer Request

Argos Move to Production Request

Use this form to request changes to Argos based reports and datablocks.

Ask a Question

Auxiliary Services IT Support

Auxiliary Services Information Technology Support

Auxiliary Services Marketing Request

AV Quick Check

For Campus IT Staff to confirm completion of updates

AV Quote

Service includes preparing classroom audio/video quotes.

AV Support

Service includes all classroom audio/video support.


Blackboard Collaborate Request

Blackboard Collaborate Request

Budget Development Access Request

To request Budget Planning and Salary Setting access in the UGA Budget Management System.

Budget Override Request

To request a budget exception override in the UGA Financial Management System.

Building Access Special Request

CED Building Access - Special Request

Business Analytics Request


Cable TV

Assistance with University Cablevision, UGA's on-campus TV service provider.

Cabling or Wireless Installation Request

Telecommunications Infrastructure Design and Installation

Campus Transit Charter Request

Charter Bus Service Request

Campus Transit SMS Collision Reporting

This form should be used to report a collision involving any vehicle belonging to Campus Transit

Campus Transit SMS Mirror Strike Reporting

This form should be used to report a Mirror Strike involving any vehicle belonging to Campus Transit.

Campus Transit SMS Near Miss Reporting

This form should be used to report a Near Miss involving any vehicle belonging to Campus Transit.

Campus Transit SMS Passenger Injury Reporting

This form should be used to report any injury to a passenger involving any vehicle belonging to Campus Transit.

Campus Transit SMS Road Design/Condition

This form should be used to report any unsafe road design, hazard, or condition that affects the safety of Campus Transit, its vehicles, or passengers..

Campus Transit SMS Traffic Law Violations / Hazaradous Driving

This form should be used to report any traffic law violations or hazardous driving involving any vehicle belonging to Campus Transit.

Campus Transit SMS Transit Facility / Injury

This form should be used to report any injury at the Campus Transit facility or any condition or hazard that could affect the safety of the Campus Transit facility.

CED Qualtrics Access/Password Reset

College of Environment & Design (CED) Qualtrics requests

Charge Code Request

To request Charge Code for the Accounts Receivable/ Billing functionality of the UGA Financial Management System.

Class Account Creation

For an instructor to request user accounts for students attending a course that will need to use GACRC computing systems.

Class Account Modification

For instructors to request changes to be made in previously requested class account.

Classroom Computer Troubleshooting

Service includes any classroom hardware troubleshooting.

Client Technology Support

Client Technology Support for Miller Learning and other supported departments.

Code42 Backup Services

Account Creation or Password Reset

College of Education - Tech Support

College of Education OIT Tech Support

College of Public Health - IT Request

College of Public Health - IT Request

Combo Code Request

To request Combo Codes in the OneUSG Connect System

Computer & Building Access

CED Computer & Building access request

Computing Lab Modification/Deletion

Conference Support

Service includes all large scale, formal conference support.

Consultation Request

Position Management, Recruitment & Hiring, Dual Career Assistance Program, Retirement Counseling, Customized Training Session

Contact AGCG

Contact the Center for Teaching Learning

CTL Contact Request

Content 7 Access Request

Request access to Content 7 folders.

Create New Website

Service includes creating and hosting new CAES and Extension sites.

CTL Classroom Ethernet Setup

Requests for EITS NOC

CTL Classroom Support Request

For those in need of non-emergency Audio Visual help

CTL Learning Technologies Consultation

CTL consultations for faculty about learning technologies

CTL WordPress Site Requests

Sites on the CTL sites network must be directly affiliated with a course. Requests for a site must come from the instructor of the course.


Data Cookbook

Data Dictionary, Reporting Specifications and Data Definition and Governance

Database request

Departmental Network Liaisons (DNLs)

For each University School, College and Unit, it is essential that a Departmental Network Liaison (DNL) be identified. This individual serves as the primary point of contact for that unit, both with respect to the other users within the department and the central EITS support groups.

Deposit Code Request

Dining Services Maintenance Request

DNS Requests

DNS records requests for DNLs

DNS Requests

DNS records requests for DNLs

DUO in Office 365

Pilot for DUO in Office 365


EITS Computer Labs Request

Computer Lab requests for the Miller Learning Center and several Residence Halls.

EITS Cost Recovery Services Requests

Client Departments desktop support

EITS Help Desk Support Request

Help Desk technical support request form. Please provide information for technical assistance at the University of Georgia.

eLC Associate Section Instructor Request

eLearning Commons Associate Section Instructor Request Form

eLC Course Groups Request

eLearning Commons Manual Course Groups Request

eLC Course Request

Request creation of a non-ATHENA course (for faculty and staff members of the UGA community)

eLC Demo Student Account Request

eLearning Commons Demo Student Account Request

eLC Feedback

Comments and suggestions for eLearning Commons (eLC).

eLC Support Requests

eLearning Commons requests

Email Support

Set up UGA email on a device or troubleshoot UGA email on a device

Examples of attributes available to TD

Shows the attributes "fields" available for use to build a TeamDynamix form with.

Exiting Employee

Deactivate accounts & Workstation Wipe/Setup

Expense Report Adjustment Request

To request Expense Report Adjustments in the UGA Financial Management System.


Finance & Administration IT General Help Desk Support

FA IT Help Desk Support

Financial Management System Access: Mass Changes (20+ users) to HR Department or Position

UGA Financial Management role confirmation for mass changes (20+ users) to HR Department or Position in the OneUSG Connect System

Firewall Exception Request

Request Internet, Boyd Data Center (BDC) and Departmental Firewall Exceptions

Firewall Exception Request Renewals and Expirations

To request that an exception ticket be renewed, expired, or updated, you may update the ticket by adding a comment on the web or via email. Click on this entry for more details.

Folder Creation Request

Use this form to request the creation of a class or special ongoing project folder.

FoodPro/Sequoia Request

Franklin OIT General Support Request

General requests for support with the Franklin College of Office and Information Technology. Requests will be assigned to the appropriate team for service.


General Support

Report issues and request help with GACRC systems, except for software installation requests and account/lab creation requests.


Hardware Installation/Troubleshooting

Please specify if you are having issues with hardware or need hardware installed.

Help Desk Knowledge Base Survey

Housing Ethernet Port Request

Request to activate an Ethernet port in your residence hall room for connecting your wired device(s) to the Internet.

Housing Network Support

Network Support form for residents in Campus housing units.


IDM Data Access Request

Requests for access to Identity Management (IDM) data and tools

IDM Support Request

Identity Management (IDM) support request

InCommon SSL Certificate Request

InCommon SSL Certificate Request

Information Security Support Request

UGA Information Security general questions or assistance, including assistance with DLP, SIEM, Trend Micro Console and other requests.

Instructor Access to CED Classroom Computers

Invoice Processing/Purchasing

IT Support

Human Resources IT support


Journal Generate Request

Request to submit Journal Generate into the UGA Financial Management System.


Kaba Clock Issue


Service Includes Uploading Video Content

Kaltura Requests

Kaltura Support Request


Lab Creation

For a research group's PI to register a computing lab on the GACRC computing systems


Assistance with email lists hosted at UGA

Listserv Support

Listserv support for CAES-membership and new list creation assistance.

Service includes access and training for


Mainframe Decommissioning Exception

All user and application ID access to the mainframe will be revoked on June 30, 2019. The purpose of this form is to provide a method to submit a request for temporary access to the mainframe after June 30, 2019 if there is a legitimate business need to regain access. A user will only be granted the same level of access that they had prior to June 30, 2019.

Master Calendar Request

Please fill out the form to submit an event to the CED Master Calendar. Please check the calendar to be sure an event is not already present before submission.


Mathematica is a symbolic mathematical computation program, sometimes called a computer algebra program, used in many scientific, engineering, mathematical, and computing fields.


Service Includes Software Installation


Request assistance with MATLAB issues.

Medical Partnership IT Training Request

Request IT training for the classrooms, video conferencing, online meetings/classes applications, new instructional technology, etc

Medical Partnership Requests

Medical Partnership desktop support

Medical Partnership Video Conference Support

Medical Partnership video conference support

Meeting Support

Service includes any local meeting support.

Modify/Delete Account

For PIs to request changes in or deletion of user accounts on GACRC computing systems.

MyID Account Request

MyID Request for Faculty, Staff, and others

MyID Re-enable Request

This form is for requesting that a deactivated MyID be re-enabled.


NAT type issue

For resolving NAT type issues and voice chat problems on consoles.

Network access, design, and support

Submit a request for installation or request a quote.

Network Request

Service includes requesting network access.

Network Troubleshooting

Service includes troubleshooting any connectivity issues including wireless.

New Employee Setup

Account Creation & Workstation Setup

New or Renewal MATLAB License Request

Request a new or renewal license for MATLAB.

New or Renewal RESPONDUS exam creation License Request

New SSO Integration Request

Requests for applications to use UGA SSO will be processed through a workflow with tasks that must be completed by the application owner and the Information Security and Identity Management teams within EITS.

Non Class Folder Access Request

Use this form to request permissions for special folder access for students/grad assistants. This must be submitted by a faculty or staff member.

Non Sponsored Request

To request or edit Non-Sponsored Projects in the UGA Financial Management System.


OIR Data Delivery Request

Office of Institutional Research Data Delivery request

OIR Data Warehouse Requests

Office of Institutional Research Data Warehouse requests

OIR Support

Office of Institutional Research support

OmniUpdate Technical Checklist

OneSource Service Desk

Assistance with OneSource

OneSource Training Material Request

To submit training material requests to the OneSource Training Team

Online Directory Request

UGA Directory (People Search) Request

OSPM Change Request TEST

OneSource Project Management Change Request

Other Finance Requests


Parking Services Feedback

UGA Parking Services Feedback Form

Passenger Complaint

P-Card Request

Policies, Standards, and Guidelines

Ask a question about Information Security policies or request an policy exemption.


Printer Troubleshooting

Service includes printer installation and troubleshooting.



Account Creation or Password Reset

Qualtrics Assistance

Need a Qualtrics account? Having issues with your Qualtrics surveys?


Recreational Sports IT Support

Report a networking issue

Use this form to notify EITS of a networking issue.

Request a report

Request ChartString or SpeedType Selection for a Purchase

Request for County Employees Funding and Changes

This form should be submitted by Business Managers in the corresponding districts.

Request for SSO Support

Ask for technical assistance with your current UGA SSO site.

Request New ChartField

Request New SpeedType

Request Support

General Support Request

Request to Borrow Technology from the Miller Learning Center

Request to Borrow Technology from the Miller Learning Center

Request to Start/End a Short Work Break

This form should be used when requesting to manually start or end an individual Short Work Break for an employee in Company 180. Multiple Short Work Breaks may not be requested consecutively.

Research IFS

Research Institutional File Storage (IFS) Service

Reserve a Terry College Classroom

Need a Terry College maintained classroom for an event?

ALL Classroom reservations need to be made 2 business days in advance of the event to ensure that your request can be accommodated.

Reserve a Terry College Conference Room

Most Terry College conference rooms are scheduled using in Outlook Calendars.

This page provides information on how to view availability and request adding a conference room to your calendar event in Outlook.

Retro Payroll Request

To request a Retro Payroll Request in the OneUSG Connect system.


SAGE Support

Student Advising and Guidance Expert (SAGE) Support

Salesforce Assistance

This service is for the Terry College of Business Salesforce.

Use this for any feature requests, general assistance, or other technical requests regarding Salesforce usage within the Terry College of Business.


SAS is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics.

SDC Platinum

SDC Platinum is a collection of financial databases that provides worldwide information on merger & acquisition transactions, corporate restructurings, global public finance, and global new issues.

Security Testing

Request a vulnerability scan, penetration test, or other security assessment of a system or network.

Send Feedback

SMIF Application Assistance

For issues regarding your application to the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF)

Social Media Request

CED Social Media request

Software (EITS C&L) Request

EITS Contracts & Licensing provides cost effective management of all fiscal aspects of IT contracts and renewals, software licensing, hardware maintenance, and IT related service

Software Installation/Troubleshooting

Please specify if you are having issues with software or need software installed.

Software Installation/Update

Request software and common application database (e.g. NCBI blast databases) installation and upgrade.

Special Events Request

Terry College of Business Office of Special Events is here to ensure that your department plans successful events and programs that seek to educate, foster a sense of community and build relationships.


The IBM SPSS software platform offers advanced statistical analysis, a vast library of machine-learning algorithms, text analysis, open-source extensibility, integration with big data and seamless deployment into applications.


Stata is “a complete, integrated statistical software package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics”.

Status Update

Background Status, Hiring Proposal Status, Position Status, Posting Status, Personnel Status, Request for Salary Action Status

Storage Modifications

For PIs to request a change in a storage configuration for the group.


Support for Content Managers

Help with account set up and training, log in problems, creating and editing pages and working with documents and images in AEM and WordPress


TeamDynamix Licensing

TeamDynamix Ticketing Service Licensing

TeamDynamix Support (for units on TeamDynamix)

This service is ONLY for requests concerning the TeamDynamix product itself. This includes requests for user updates, forms, or other TeamDynamix-specific help.

Technology Lending - Damaged Items

Form to record damaged items

Telephone Incident/Repair

Report a UGA telephone incident or repair request to the Telephone Services team.

Temporary Student Computer Access

Terry Classroom Recording

Request assistance with scheduling, accessing, editing, and/or publishing classroom lectures.

Terry Classroom Software Request

Request third party software installations on a classroom computer.

Terry College Directory Information

The Terry College Directory provides faculty and staff of the Terry College of Business a web location to provide contact information, updated biographical information, a profile photo, CV and other resources or links.

Terry Computer Setup

This form requests the imaging of a new or reissued computer to prepare it for use by a Terry College of Business Faculty of staff member, graduate level student, or student worker.

Terry Controlled Classroom Request

Request to reserve a Terry Computer Labs and Classrooms for open lab hours, tests requiring computers, or other related events.

Terry eLC Course Flight Check

Reviewing, troubleshooting, and proposing strategies for effective online teaching and learning.

Terry eLC Non-Credit Course

Request creation of non-credit course for UGA faculty and staff

Terry eLC Quiz and Test Support

Test/quiz format check and setup in eLC courses

Terry eLC Special Account Access

Request special access to an eLC course

Terry eLC Third Party Software Setup Request

Request third party software integration into eLC courses

Terry Equipment Loan

Request loaner equipment for Terry faculty and staff

Terry Exiting Employee

Request removal of permissions and access of Terry services when an employee is leaving the college.

Terry General Support

Request assistance with general technology issues

Terry Media Captioning Request

Request captioning to course media to ease accessibility for students.

Terry Non-Urgent Classroom Issue

Terry Online Proctoring Request

Request online proctoring for tests in online courses

Terry Software Installation

Request installation of software

Terry Surplus Preparation

Request preparation of computer before it goes to Surplus (REQUIRED)

Test MyID Checkout System

This form is for requesting a MyID test account.


Request support related to training provided by the GACRC.

Transit Over Time Request


UC4 Incident Reporting

UGA Web Account Request

The EITS Campus Webhosting Service (Standard Edition, often referred to as a "www account") is a free web hosting service for UGA affiliated departments and student organizations.

UGAMail Calendar

UGAMail's built-in calendar allows UGA students, faculty and staff to take full advantage of the new system's increased functionality and accessibility. This form is to request help with the UGAMail calendar.

UGAMail Calendar Resource Request

UGAMail's calendar allows resources like rooms to entered as items that can be reserved. Use this form to request creation of a new calendar resource.

UGAMail Requests

The University of Georgia's email system, UGAMail, is powered by Microsoft's Office 365 Education for email, calendar and task services.

UGAMail uses the latest version of Office 365.

University Housing IT Support

This service is to request assistance from Housing IT staff.

University Housing Website Change Requests

This service is to request changes to Housing and Staff websites.


Video Interview Room Request

As part of the Business Learning Community development, Terry has an interview video room available for students and faculty to reserve. This room is designed to support video-related activities needed for events like remote interviews and recorded presentations.

Virus Removal

Service includes removal of all malicious infections and software.

vLab software request

UGA Virtual Lab software requests


Web Application Support

Support for Georgia Counts, Extension Trainings, Scholarships, Impact Statements, File Sharing and all other CAES and Extension we applications

Web Server (

The EITS Campus Webhosting Service (Standard Edition, often referred to as a "www account") is a free web hosting service for UGA affiliated departments and student organizations.

Website Content Change

CED Website Content Change request

Work Order: Direct Hire/Hiring Proposal

This form is used to capture the necessary hire data in order to create graduate student, student, or temp direct hires.

Work Order: General Inquiry

This form is to be used when requesting information from the UGAJobs Service Center when requesting information not related to a Position or Hire action. Please see the position and/or hire form with requests related to those services.

Work Order: Position Management

This form is used to capture the necessary position data in order to create and/or modify a staff, graduate, student, or temp position.


z-account Removal Request

Departmental z-accounts are used to gain administrative access to certain UGA systems and are intended only for system administrators. If you no longer need z-account access for your job duties, please complete this form.


Zoom Add-On Purchases

Zoom Initial Department or Admin Set-up

Zoom Request

Zoom meeting request

Zoom Tutorial

Service includes Zoom based training