Retro Payroll Request

Payroll cost reallocations, which are used to transfer payroll charges from one combo code to another, are initiated by processing a Change Funding Request or a Direct Retro Request, depending on the circumstances. See Budget and Direct Retro Decision Matrix to determine which method cost reallocation should be used.

Change Funding Request – A change funding request initiates a change to a combo code for future payrolls and in some instances for previously posted payroll transactions retroactively to the effective date of the change request.  This type of retroactive adjustment is called a Budget Retro.   A Budget Retro is automatically initiated when the Change Funding Request is submitted for an effective date that impacts a prior distributed payroll.  The effective date entered on a Change Funding Request is very important for achieving the required change in funding and initiating any necessary Budget Retro reallocations.  Generally, the effective date should be the first day of the pay period in which the change to the combo code should be implemented. A list of all biweekly pay dates and pay run IDs can be found on the 2019 UGA Practitioner Biweekly Payroll Processing Schedule.  Monthly pay dates and pay run IDs can be found on the 2019 UGA Practitioner Monthly Payroll Processing Schedule.

To see the Change Funding Training Material, Click here.

However, in certain circumstances a Budget Retro will not accurately create a retroactive payroll reallocation. Therefore, a Direct Retro transaction must be requested.

Direct Retro – Direct Retro transactions are requested by clicking the Request Service button to the right.

After OneUSG Connect has processed retro payroll cost reallocations, units may view original payroll and payroll cost reallocations in the Payroll Expenses Detail query. (OneUSG Connect  Manager Self Service Systems Manager Work Center).