Terry Classroom Recording

This form is to request assistance with scheduling, accessing, editing, and/or publishing classroom lectures.

Terry faculty usually requests lecture recordings for various reasons such as documenting student presentations or sharing lecture video with students who cannot physically attend class due to weather conditions (e.g., snow days). Lecture recordings typically take place using either (a) a camera and tripod or (b) Kaltura Lecture Capture. When filling out the request form, please disclose your preferred recording method. You will be asked to provide the course number and CRN if you are requesting assistance with publishing video recordings to an eLC course.

Kaltura Lecture Capture is a software that uses built-in classroom cameras and microphones (available only in BLC and Correll). Through Kaltura, the instructional support team can remotely schedule classroom recordings to automatically start and end at a certain time. So if you request Kaltura recording, make sure to provide accurate recording dates and time.

If using Kaltura, the course instructor will need to: 

1. Log into the podium computer at least 5 minutes before scheduled start of classroom recording and continue logged until the end of recording.

2. Adjust camera angle using the podium touch panel prior to classroom recording. It is possible to select presenter close shot, presenter wide shot, or classroom shot. It is also possible to adjust the frame by zooming in/out and panning the camera. 

3. Note that a three-second countdown will show on the screen before the recording starts. Kaltura will run in the background and will not be visible on the computer.

4. A small window will briefly appear on the screen two minutes prior to the end of recording. 

5. Note that it is not possible to make modifications to the recording schedule (e.g., extend time) after the software has started recording.