vLab software request

What is vLab?

vLab, or Virtual Lab, is the name for The University of Georgia's virtual desktop environment (VDI), which allows students, faculty, and staff to access computer lab resources and applications from work and personal devices anywhere, at any time. Compatible devices can access a full desktop, complete with such applications as Microsoft Office suite, EndNote, and SPSS. Sessions can be transferred from one device to another simply by opening vLab elsewhere.

The vLab service is available at http://vlab.uga.edu (you must first install the Citrix Receiver).

Supported Operating Systems

The vLab service supports all of the following operating systems and mobile devices:

Who can use vLab?

Any individual with a UGA MyID may utilize vLab.

How do I Access vLab?

Computers in the Miller Learning Center utilize vLab. Additionally, you may create a vLab session from your desktop computer at:

  • http://vlab.uga.edu
  • Note: you must first install the Citrix Receiver.
    • Mobile devices should install the "Citrix Receiver" app from iTunes or Google Play.
    • Windows 8 and above users - do not download the "Citrix Receiver" Application from the Windows store.  The appropriate download can be found (at the time of this writing) at receiver.citrix.com.