ArchPass, powered by Duo


ArchPass, powered by Duo, is UGA's two-step login solution used to authenticate logins to many UGA online services.


ArchPass, powered by Duo, is UGA's two-step login solution. UGA applications protected by ArchPass will ask you to login with your UGA MyID and password and then verify your login with the Duo Mobile app, a text message, or a phone call to your Duo-enrolled phone or tablet. This two-step login process adds an extra layer of security to help protect your UGA accounts.

Who can access ArchPass?

UGA students, faculty, and staff are required to use ArchPass for many UGA systems, including UGAMail, Athena, and eLC. Incoming students will be able to enroll a device and access ArchPass after their commitment fee has been paid.

How do I access ArchPass?

ArchPass device management and first-time setup can be done through the Duo Self-Service Portal.



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