Company Portal Instructions

What is the Company Portal?

Intune comes with a self-service portal called the Company Portal. This will be installed on your device automatically and is a searchable program on your windows device. This will allow you to download and install pre-packaged software without the need for admin credentials. All these apps require zero user-input.

How to use

1. Click on your Windows search bar and type Company Portal

2. Click on the company portal entry that looks like this: 

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

3. Select Apps on the left hand side.

4. Select FOR-Faculty/Staff and hit done.

5. Select the app you wish to install from the predefined list.

6. Here you can view the details about the app and any instructions.

7. Click install and wait until you get a message that says the app has been installed

Note: You can work on your computer whilst these apps are being installed in the background. 

You may get notifications in the bottom right part of your screen.

List of Applications on the Company Portal

If there is an application that you believe is beneficial for the college or more than 10 people please let us know at





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