Warnell Defense Presentation Review

According to the Warnell newsletter or Graduate Office, you are scheduled to have a graduate defense in some of our classrooms/conference rooms soon.  We will typically stop by your scheduled room half an hour before you begin your presentation to assist with any AV system setup or computer issues.  If you believe you are comfortable enough to proceed on your own without any assistance, please let us know.

There are a few things to know before your presentation:

  1. If you are planning to use PowerPoint presentations and will be using slides along with notes (presenter view), the Keadle Conference Room has an extended display option via the desktop computer housed in the podium.  Of course, there is also a non-extended display option available. Both desktop computer options are listed on the touch panel on top of the podium
  2. Our other classrooms 1-101, 1-107, 1-201, 1-209, 1-210, 1-303, 1-304, 1-306, 1-307, 2-100, , 4-418, 4-419/421, 4-516 and 4-517 also have extended or non-extended display capabilities.  4-132 and 4-301 will have an extended display option in the near future.
  3. All of these rooms have Microsoft Teams and Zoom capability.  If you have a virtual option listed for your presentation, Keadle, 1-304, 4-132, 4-516 and 4-517 have Logitech cameras mounted on the rear wall of the room.  The other classrooms have Logitech web cameras housed on top of the desktop computer monitors. Room 4-301 has a Logitech web camera mounted above the TV monitor, which also has a built-in microphone.  The TV monitor speakers are active for meeting audio.  The TV monitor also has a USB port on the front which can be used to upload presentations via USB stick.  Room 1-309 has a web camera/soundbar combo.  This room is LAPTOP connection ONLY, so users must connect both the web camera/soundbar combo via USB and an HDMI cable to your laptop computer to host a virtual session
  4. Warnell IT recommends using Zoom from the desktop computers in the rooms, if possible, rather than your laptop computer (except for room 1-309).  In most cases, the equipment needed to coordinate a Zoom session is already provided and is connected via the desktop computer.  Devices, such as a document camera, mounted wall cameras and ceiling microphones are also part of the infrastructure.




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