GAIL Resources

  • GAIL Resources Page - Home page for our GAIL support page. Use this page to search our blog posts for specific help, as well as access to the GAIL training environment. 
  • GAIL Production - GAIL, FROG, Resources, and AskIT page. Use this page to access GAIL. 
  • Get GAIL Access - Steps on how to get permission and gain access to GAIL for the first time. 
  • Contact Client Services - Short bios and links to email, teams, and LinkedIn for our client services team. The client services team is our team dedicated with helping you with GAIL. 
  • PDF Guides & Kaltura Videos - Short PDFs or videos (usually less than 3 minutes long) tutorials on how to do specific actions in GAIL. 
  • GAIL Wizard (G-Wiz) How-To's - Web-based interface designed to guide users step by step through the trickier processes in GAIL. 
  • Letter of Commitment - Online form for Development staff ot initiate when working with donors who wish to make a charitable commitments to the University. 
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