Service requests for assisting faculty with eLC, lecture recording, and other instructional support activities.

Services (12)

Add TA/Instructor to Course in eLC

Request to assign individual users specific roles in eLC.

Terry Classroom Recording

Request assistance with scheduling, accessing, editing, and/or publishing classroom lectures.

Terry Classroom Software Request

Request third party software installations on a classroom computer.

Terry Controlled Classroom Request

Request to reserve a Terry Computer Labs and Classrooms for open lab hours, tests requiring computers, or other related events.

Terry eLC Course Flight Check

Reviewing, troubleshooting, and proposing strategies for effective online teaching and learning.

Terry eLC Non-Credit Course

Request creation of non-credit course for UGA faculty and staff

Terry eLC Quiz and Test Support

Test/quiz format check and setup in eLC courses

Terry eLC Special Account Access

Request special access to an eLC course

Terry eLC Third Party Software Setup Request

Request third party software integration into eLC courses

Terry Media Captioning Request

Request captioning to course media to ease accessibility for students.

Terry Online Proctoring Request

Request online proctoring for tests in online courses